iPhone 6s / 6s Plus / 7 / 7 Plus Lost IMEI

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Does your iPhone start showing an iCloud activation screen? Let us help!

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Maybe you forgot your Apple ID and password combination. In such a condition, obviously you cannot throw away your iPhone or iPad. You can sell your iDevice for parts but that is an option with so little profit so it’s better to let us unlock it for you.

Unlike all the other scammers and useless tutorials, we are trusted Apple employees that want to help people without going in much hassle, like searching for receipts and then waiting as we take your iDevice in service for a couple of months.

With our services, you can get rid of your previous iCloud account easily and as soon as the account gets removed, you can then activate your iPhone/iPad again and connect it to an iCloud account of your own.

This service is only for Devices in LOST Mode – if you are not sure for your device’s status contact us and we will let you know free of charge. For Your Information, a lost Device will mention among other things

“This device was lost and erased.”

Due to the nature of this unlocking, you will need to pay using bitcoin (BTC) at this address


Under Transaction ID (TX ID) please leave us a note in the following order;

e-mail address we can contact you – IMEI number of device

This unlock may require from 10 to 30 working days.


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